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Congratulations on discovering STAR Kayak Sails!  If you want to add a new dimension to your enjoyment on the water, then you have come to the right place!  


All Combination STAR Kayak Sail kits include:

      -High Quality Sail

      -Furling, boomless design 

      -All Hardware including a cleat (1), pulleys (3), main and furling sheets, sail batten, and full sail bag/cover!

      -Furling device included!

      -Aircraft grade one piece, aluminum mast with 23mm base


What do you need for assembly?

      -Rivet gun... that's it!


What do you need to Install?




What is a Basic Kit?

      -If you do not need a Furling Sail, or if you want to make your own furling system, then the basic kit is for you.  We send

        you the sail, mast, and hardware, but you take care of the rest... if you want!  The sail is 100% functional, but simply does           not include the furling bits.  

How do I choose which sail to get for my boat?

Generally, <12 feet in length, Standard STAR;  12-14 feet in length, Giant STAR; >14 feet in length, go with the SuperNOVA.


Some of the more common Hobie Kayaks size recommendations are as follows:

Hobie PA 12/14- Giant or Standard

Hobie Rev 11/13- Standard

Hobie Oasis/Outfitter- Standard or Giant

Hobie Adventure/Rev 16- SuperNOVA or Giant

Hobie Outback- Standard, Giant, or SuperNOVA

Why STAR Kayak Sails?

Value. Included with every STAR Kayak Sail kit you get an exceptional, Salt Water Proven, hardware package with a value of over $50, a high quality, hand-sewn sail, furling device, one piece aluminum mast, and a storage/transport bag for the furled kit. The Hobie Kayak Sail kit is included as a reference.  The Standard is 30% larger than Hobie's Kayak sail.  The Giant is 60% larger, and the Supernova is a full 86% larger than the standard Hobie Sail!
















Fun.  Sailing is fun.  Add a new dimension to your enjoyment on the water and try Kayak Sailing!  STAR Kayak Sails are simple, easy to transport, and high performing.  All sails are designed with airfoil efficiency and mast flex in mind.  Although all STAR Kayak Sails are huge on sail area, mast flex insures that the mast receiver of your boat is not overloaded.  From the Standard STAR with nearly 27 square feet of sail area to the Supernova with an amazing 36+ square feet of sail area, you will not be disapointed.


Inexpensive.  Kayak sailing gives you extended range without the extended expense.  Most states do not require the registering of kayaks or sail kayaks.  If you were to add a motor to your kayak, you have the added expense of registering the kayak, heavy batteries, and a bulky motor to tote to your favorite boating spot.  With a STAR Kayak Sail, you simply plug the sail in and go.  No batteries, no motor, just silent, relaxing, rewarding, 'free' speed.


Versatile.  STAR Kayak Sails are not a permenant addition to your kayak.  You can add, remove, or stow the sail at home, at the dock, or at sea.  Always bring the sail with you so as to never miss out on an opportunity.  Sail to your fishing spot, take the mast down to make space to cast, and when the bite turns off, put the sail back up and let the day's enjoyment continue!  You can add Leeboards or skegs to improve your vessel's performance, or use the mirage drive as your centerboard and just enjoy the 'free' ride!


Performance.  STAR Kayak Sails are designed with performance in mind.  Airfoil shapes and mast flex have been designed and tested to give you the highest performing all-around sail on the market.  High angles of attack can be achieved with additional skegs or leeboards, but with just the rudder and Hobie Mirage Drive, upwind sailing can be easily done.  Downwind performance is exceptional for a boomless design, but can be improved with the addition of an optional boom (not necessary under most circumstances).  


Speed.  Kayak hulls are displacement hulls and are not designed for high speed.  With that in mind, kayaks have a 'maximum hull speed' which means that at a certain hull speed, any additional hull speed requires an exorbinant amount of power to achieve.  Look up 'power/resistance curve of displacement hull' and you will see.  What a STAR Kayak Sail allows you to do is achieve the Maximum Hull Speed of your kayak with almost no effort on your part!  If you want to use the Mirage Drive in conjunction with the sail, you can barely pedal and still be flying at maximum speed!  Too much wind for your full sail?  Partially furl the sail, cleat it, and you can run whatever size sail your conditions or experience dictate!  






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