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SUPERNOVA STAR Kayak Sail on Tarpon 160, No Outriggers, 5-10 kts

Louisiana Kayak Sailing with Leeboards

Star Sail on SurfSki with Outriggers

STAR Kayak Sail fitted onto Surf Ski Kayak in Australia

Supernova 3.3m on Tarpon 160 Kayak and install

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160

Supernova STAR Kayak Sail

Kayak Sailing in Louisiana

Sailing isn't just for Hobies!  STAR Sails have been fitted on SurfSkis, Canoes, $150 and $6000 kayaks.  Check out this Tarpon 160 which was converted to a Sailing Kayak!  

Assembly Video, STAR Sail

8:03 min

Bill demonstrates how simple it is to assemble your STAR Sail once it arrives.  All three models assemble similarly.  In just a few short minutes, you will be ready to take your new STAR Kayak Sail out on the water!

Installation on Hobie Mirage Outback Kayak

3:15 min

Bill walks you thru how simple it is to install a STAR sail on a Hobie Mirage Outback kayak.  Notice the high quality hardware and ease of installation.

Performance Video; Supernova on Hobie Mirage Outback

5:47 min

BIG IS BEAUTIFUL!  Watch Bill desctibe the use of the Supernova on the Mirage Outback Kayak.   Without outriggers, Bill is running over 36 square feet of sail on a 12 foot boat!  How?  Watch and find out how you can do it as well!

About the Designer and Product Development


Bill Pain shares his experience and background on fixed wing aircraft and translates his experience to the STAR Sail line.  Bill's skills explain why he is producing such a high performance kayak sail!

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