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The largest of the STAR Kayak Sails, this 3.37 square meter (over 35 square feet of sail!) is fantastic for those very light wind days or for those who just need more sail! For anything more than a light breeze, centerboards or other keels are highly recommended (plans can be found on this site) as the sail easily overpowers most rudders. The combination includes all hardware and furling device required to sail, furl, and sail again! This sail is now made with black, and not blue trim as shown.

Furling SUPERNOVA 3.3m

Trim Color
  • The Supernova features 3.3 square meters of sail area, aircraft grade aluminum tubing mast, furling device, three pulleys, main and furling sheets, furling cleat, and storage/transport bag.  Fantastic for those who are wanting to extend their kayak range or just go have some leisurely fun on the water!  The mast is 7/8" diameter (23mm) at the base and fits without modification into the Hobie Mirage Kayaks mast receiver. Other kayaks require a mast mount.

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